About Lanugo

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Once upon a time…


Lanugo is a, socially responsible, children’s entertainment and character-driven lifestyle brand with the purpose of helping mamás proudly embrace and pass on the richness of the Latino culture to their children through our fictional Latino-inspired world, with well-developed story lines and characters.


The idea of Lanugo was born in Miami in the year 2011, while one of our founders, Carla Curiel, was pregnant with her twin girls. Since the twins were just tiny babies in the womb, full of Lanugo, she found herself concerned about how she was going to pass on to them our Latino values and traditions being so far from ‘home.’ How would she help them develop an honest and positive emotional connection to their Hispanic heritage?

Realizing the lack of resources to support her in her mission to develop in them that strong and proud sense of identity – of belonging – that she feared her daughters would lack, perhaps feeling ‘not enough Latinas’ nor enough ‘American,’ she set out to build the world she wanted for her girls and for all our Lanuguitos, our kids.

Today, we have an unequivocal responsibility to bring to our children a world of pride, a world of good, a Latino-inspired world of joy that will help them have a proud and strong identity, and that is Lanugo.

Lanugo was truly founded for the betterment of our children. It is to restore values and traditions. It is a warm and welcoming world that celebrates our culture by highlighting the positiveness and the sazón, of being Latino. It is a world of good, of respect, of admiring the little things in life, of celebration, of music, of art, all for our children and their innocence.

Y Colorín, Colorado, este cuento está comenzando…


Why the name Lanugo?

Lanugo, derived from the Latin word “lana,” is the coat of delicate downy hairs, that covers a newborn infant for protection and warmth within the womb. Latina moms are known for, and usually stereotyped as, being over-protective and over-loving mamás, so the word Lanugo portrays perfectly those innate “Mamá Patas” characteristics of the Mamá Latinas: warm, cuddly and protective.